About Cytech Systems

Excellent Distribution, Connecting More
  • Customer Oriented


    We connect customers with innovative supply chain solutions. As an electronic parts distributor, we manage all aspects of supply chain from procurement and excess inventory solutions and warehouse management to logistics. We embrace innovation, work closely with our partners, and ensure our customers’ business needs are met. We enable our customers to deliver the mission critical objectives for their success.

  • Customer Oriented


    Every customer’s needs are treated seriously, we always put ourselves in our customers’ shoes and work out every problem that stands in the way of their business. Our commitment to fast lead times, cost reduction and not only a quality product but also quality service ensures we exceed expectations as supply chain partners.

  • Customer Oriented


    Collaboration and partnerships can make the difference. Taking care of our customers and suppliers is key to our mission. For customers, we source traceable materials globally, powered by our relationships with reputable worldwide suppliers ensuring quality and reliability. For suppliers, we are also a reliable distribution partner with the ability to maximize resale. We thrive on making the connection between our suppliers and our network of customers.

About Cytech

Values & Culture

At Cytech Systems, we’re all about Minimalism, Efficiency and Innovation.


We oppose formalism, excessive meetings and lengthy reports. We pursue minimalist management, focus on improving efficiency, and streamline operations to best meet customer needs. 


Efficiency is something we continuously pursue, timeliness is everything, after all. It’s always our prime principle to respond to our customers ASAP.


The only thing that doesn’t change is change. Revolution and innovation are the foundations of progress. We constantly challenge and surpass ourselves by equipping ourselves with first-hand industry information and meeting our customer’s requirements.

Our Team

We are an energetic, passionate, and professional team comprised of 140+ staff who are all experts in the electronic components industry. As a dedicated electronic parts distributor, we excel in solving even the most demanding supply chain challenges. Our collective knowledge and experience ensure that we can navigate intricate electronic parts sourcing and delivery processes with ease. Whether you're seeking rare components or bulk orders, our team's expertise guarantees a seamless experience throughout the procurement journey.



At Cytech Systems, we focus on the sharing, wellness and growth of our employees.

Coffee Break Seminar

Coffee Break Seminar is for the better development of the company.

Coffee Break Seminar

It is a weekly routine for us to enjoy fine food and discuss potential improvements within the company. 

Coffee Break Seminar

The wisdom of all participants blossoms on subjects including customer satisfaction improvement, quality control system creation, cost-saving solutions, and more.

First Aid Practice

We value employees' health and safety as much as we value success. 

First Aid Practice

We try to hold activities not only aimed at improving employees' industry knowledge but also towards benefiting the quality and safety of their lives.

Flag Campaign

This activity is aimed at helping employees achieve a balance between work and life and to strengthen our team spirit.  Every month there is a Flag Campaign initiative encouraging employees to read a book, exercise, learn a new skill and pay more attention to life instead of their phones.

English Corner

As English is one of the main languages used to communicate in our business, we want to better it as much as possible. Our English Corner program helps our staff always be learning and become increasingly international.