• Energy

    With the advent of the big data era, energy companies can use data analysis and advanced technologies to achieve digital transformation. If you encounter difficulties in introducing related technologies or purchasing electronic components, our team is your reliable partner. Find hard-to-buy electronic components for you, helping you improve operational efficiency and profitability.

  • Consumer Electronics

    Consumer Electronics are everywhere in our lives. With our comprehensive procurement solutions, customers from all sectors - from mobile phones to electronic products and smart-home devices - can get support from our most reliable, scalable and efficient supply of electronic components.

  • Medical

    We remain committed to helping you with your business during these unprecedented times. Whether you're working on prevention, diagnosis or treatment applications, we are aimed at getting your projects done with the components you need as quickly as possible.

  • Factory Automation& Control

    From industrial communications to robotics, our strong line of products and resources support you in engineering smart factory applications.

  • Automotive

    Whatever your automotive challenge is, our resources and easy sourcing and purchasing help you deliver the parts you need to innovate faster and prepare for the road ahead.

  • IOT

    The Internet of Things sector has showcased how far it has come to develop IOT solutions and create an IOT ecosystem. For the first time we're seeing IOT concepts moving into reality and we are helping to lead the way. Cytech Systems is focused on providing solutions to meet the demands of today's IOT consumers, transforming concepts into realities. We help predict daily challenges and disruptions to enhance your position in this fast-moving industry.

  • Computing

    We help your demand meet quality. With today’s consumers more connected, the demand for smart applications is increasing at an exponential rate. We know how important it is to have fast access to reliable components. Cytech Systems will help you succeed.

  • Automation

    Our reliable components allow your business to keep delivering the latest in the growing automation field. You can trust us to consistently ship products where you need them, on time, in the most economical manner.

  • E-Commerce

    Let us help you enjoy the benefits of B2B E-commerce fully. In recent Cytech Systems has distinguished itself by harnessing the power of digitalization to mitigate risks. We will help you thrive with our robust data support and 24-hour standby team providing quotes no matter where you are.

  • Power Management

    Revolutionary advancements have completely transformed a familiar landscape for Power Management Technology. Yet, the introduction of new technology into an existing industry sometimes creates uncertainty. But with the right partner, Cytech Systems, you can trust us to help you succeed as we always keep our partners’ interests in mind. We take pride in listening to and understanding our customers’ challenges and expectations.