Have Prices Gone Up in the Market? Here to Observe Lead Time and Price Trends in Q4 among Chipmakers

December 28, 2023

Global uncertainty and the impact of economic conditions on consumer confidence bring downward pressure, leading to challenges within chip industry in 2023.

As the year-end approaches, inventory has gradually normalized, sales channels has become more predictable and transparent, and market demand continues to rise due to stocking efforts by AI server and terminal device manufacturers. Global market research firms such as IDC and Gartner predict that the chip industry will return to growth in 2024 after reaching its low point in 2023.

Recently, leading memory manufacturers were the first to to hit the bottom and rebound, signaling a price increase, with Samsung, Kioxia, SK Hynix announcing price hikes, and Micron stating that product quotes will rise throughout 2024. Additionally, in the Anolog sector, one of the chipmakers——ADI issued a price increase notice, with a 10-20% increase for some older product lines effective from February 4 ,2024.

Amid the global economic recovery, many chipmakers raising prices show optimism toward the current and future pricing environment, effectively boosting market confidence.

According to the latest market report from global electronic components distributor Future Electronics Inc., multiple sectors, including memory, analog, and passive, are showing signs of recovery in 2023 Q4. Their Lead times and prices are stabilizing or trending upward, but certain sectors, such as Discrete and Microcontroller, still under pressure.

Specifically, various chipmakers show different trends in delivery times and prices. We have compiled the product supply situations for several major chipmakers based on Future Electronics's report for your reference.






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