Customer Case Library: The Story Behind a Scarce Material

March 08, 2023

Production line on the verge of interruption
Under the environment of continuous core shortage from 2021 to 2022, many customers have more or less faced the dilemma of "make bricks without straw".
One day, a domestic foundry located in central China (hereinafter referred to as Customer C) urgently contacted Cathy, the sales manager of Cytech Systems, online.
According to Cathy, customer C was in urgent need of a material that was in short supply on the market. Due to the shortage of this material, customer C's production line was about to be cut off supply!

What specific types of materials are in short supply?
It is reported that the current sensor used on the motor is also a general-purpose IC.
As mentioned before, customers' shortage of certain materials is a common phenomenon in the industry. Especially the global core shortage in the past two years has exacerbated this situation. For some materials that are in high demand or are relatively segmented, there is always a shortage problem.
Although this material is universal, it is relatively segmented, which intensifies the shortage this time.

Find goods urgently
After Cathy understood the specific needs of customer C, she quickly connected with the channel procurement network of Cytech Systems. Even after using a relatively large channel supply network, Cytech Systems’procurement only found a batch of goods produced in 2019. Of course, both supply and quality are guaranteed.

Stick to the original intention
After confirming the availability of goods, it is necessary to communicate key information such as demand, price, and delivery date.
According to Cathy, the customer needed XX quantity of goods at that time, and they found the goods that corresponded to the demand.
In this way, a batch of materials that was about to cause the production line to break was sent to the customer's production line under the condition that it fully met the demand and was lower than the market price.

Focus on long-term business
In fact, when we evaluate a distributor, its supply chain network is usually the number one indicator.
Cathy herself also lamented, Cytech Systems has accumulated an extensive and powerful channel network over the years - building a network of 10,000+ global certified suppliers. This has also become a solid foundation for our purchasing and finding capabilities, and supply channels are closely related to quality itself, which itself is also a kind of control over quality control.

On the other hand, the order price is lower than the market price, which once again reflects the supply chain advantages of Cytech Systems - committed to providing customers with immediate, reliable, and high-value supply chain solutions.
Of course, the price of a piece of material has a certain floating range in the overall market conditions. Sometimes the price of a piece of material is different half a month ago and half a month later.

Therefore, this also tests a distributor's tracking and judgment process of market conditions. Especially the sales team, a lot of the information they come into contact with is first-hand information from the market, which is another manifestation of the distributor's "agility".

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