Cytech Systems 2023 Summary Review

January 03, 2024

2023 Cytech Systems Annual Keywords:

Distributor special forces

Pursuit of excellence

Using "strength" to ensure quality

Cases and insights coexist

Cytech Systems Image Packaging—Xin Zai


PART 1 Distributor special forces

Cytech Systems participated in Electronica China 2023, explaining the two major rules for distributors to go through the current cycle of the semiconductor industry

Cytech Systems, together with its subsidiary CHCHIP, which focuses on promoting domestic chips and modules, gathered in booth 6.2F221 at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Together with 1,650 exhibitors, exchanged a view on the industry cycle and market conjuncture on this stage of more than 100,000 square meters, and jointly contributed to the recovery of the industry.


Cytech Systems at elexcon 2023, semiconductor Industry sees potential for recovery as Cytech Systems sharpens 3 key distribution advantages to seize opportunities

In recent years, the global semiconductor industry has experienced ups and downs. "But it is precisely because of the ups and downs of the industry that many end customers have realized that the long-term futures model may not always be smooth and feasible. Independent distributors can respond more quickly to fluctuations in industry cycles or special scenarios," said Cytech Systems General Manager Alice obviously sees more opportunities brought by challenges. "Many global top customers have increased the proportion of independent distributors in their supplier systems, and Cytech Systems is also a beneficiary."



Cytech Systems Explores Opportunities and Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry at the electronica South China 2023

Although the current recovery of the industrial chain is optimistic, the difficulty of destocking the semiconductor industry in 2023 will bring more severe tests to the electronic component distributors in the industrial chain, especially the local independent distributors. How to strengthen the comprehensive ability to resist risks? How to do this?
Cytech Systems, together with its subsidiary CHCHIP,  revealed various dimensions of its "change-seeking" message while participating in the electronica South China 2023. 



2023 International IC & Component Exhibition and Conference (IIC Shenzhen):Cytech Systems sorts out distributors' measures to maintain stability and develop under the impact of the industry

Since 2022, the semiconductor market has experienced a downward turn, marked by significant fluctuations in market demand and product prices. This weak demand has intensified market competition and led to a decline in marketing performance, causing unprecedented impacts on the global semiconductor supply chain. As a crucial connection between original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end-users, distributors are facing the common challenge of building a more resilient and high-quality supply chain amidst these disruptions.



PART 2 Pursuit of excellence

February 2023
In the middle of February, Cytech Systems performed excellently and scored 91.25 points in the Supplier Performance Review of 2022Q4 by the world large EMS factories, thus it was rated Class-A supplier.


May 2023
Cytech Systems Receive ISO 9001:2015 & AS9120B dual quality system certification, laying a solid foundation for serving customers in high-precision fields!


June 2023
Cytech Systems was rated Grade A supplier, scoring 95 in the 2023Q1 supplier quality rating by an OEM client that takes root in high-grade, precision and advanced manufacturing sector of technical grade and above. Particularly, Cytech Systems scored 100 in the rating on product quality, the most interested factor for the client.


July 2023
Cytech Systems has won the international industry certification ESD S20.20 for electrostatic protection, further strengthening its quality control system!


November 2023
Cytech Systems Wins the 2023 ASPENCORE 'International Potential Star Distributor' Award!


PART 3 Using "strength" to ensure quality

In 2022,Cytech Systems established its Shenzhen Laboratory

Cytech Systems stablished its Shenzhen Laboratory, which covers about 260m² and has dozens of testing equipment. The QC team has more than ten senior QC engineers. As the laboratory is put into use, the quality management of Cytech Systems will step onto a new level.
Since then,Cytech Systems is one of the few independent distributors that have their own testing laboratory and well-established quality control system. 


In January, Cytech Systems' decapsulation laboratory in Shenzhen landed as scheduled

Cytech System's decapsulation laboratory employs a chemical method (Acid Decap). This method involves using acidic reagents to corrode the resin or plastic covering the surface of the chip, exposing the grain of any plastic-sealed chip. The surface is left clean and without corrosion. QC engineers use this method to gather more information for determining the authenticity of the chip.


May 2023, Cytech Systems Lab has successfully introduced XRF Detection

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
Cytech Systems Lab has introduced a new XRF testing alongside existing X-ray testing, EVI testing, Decapsulation, electrical testing, and solderability testing. The lab equipment inventory has also welcomed a new partner - the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer, providing new momentum for the company's quality control.


PART 4 Cases and insights coexist


Customer Case Library is Newly Launched to Discover Exclusive Case Stories

Customer Case Library: The Story Behind a Scarce Material

Customer Case Library: How to Become a Powerful Salesperson?

Customer Case Library: The Path to Advancement in Top Sales

How Does Cytech Systems’Sales Champion Navigate Through the Market Downturn?

How Did the Rookie Ascend to Rising Star Status in IC Sales in Just Half a Year?

The Supplier Abruptly Called Off ! How Did Cytech Systems’ Sales Champion Jessica Respond Promptly?


Analog IC Market Insights In Q1 2023

Industry insiders predict Automotive TDDI chip will drive growth this year

Insights into the semiconductor recovery based on the performance of world’s top four distributors

Analyzing Q2 Financial Reports of the Top 10 Global Analog IC Companies to Uncover Market Trends

Motivated by Memory's Strong Momentum! The WSTS Forecasts a 13% Growth in the Semiconductor Market for 2024

Have Prices Gone Up in the Market? Here to Observe Lead Time and Price Trends in Q4 among Chipmakers


PART 5 Cytech Systems Image Packaging—Xin Zai
On May 1st, Cytech Systems Image Packaging—Xin Zai was born.
Since the launch of Xinzai, Cytech Systems and Xinzai have appeared in major company activities and exhibitions, and have been widely loved by everyone.




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