Cytech Systems Explores Opportunities and Challenges in the Semiconductor Industry at the electronica South China 2023

November 16, 2023

Shenzhen, China – According to the latest data from the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA), global chip sales have seen a modest increase for seven consecutive months, fostering optimism for industry recovery in Q4. Looking at integrated circuit production, global output reached approximately 113.4 billion units in September, with China contributing 30.5 billion units, marking a year-on-year growth of 13.9%.

Despite the current positive outlook for recovery, the semiconductor industry faces the challenging task of destocking in 2023. As the industry undergoes transformations in technology, clientele, and the international supply chain landscape, electronic component distributors in the industry chain, especially local independent distributors, are confronted with more severe tests. How to strengthen comprehensive risk resistance and what specific measures to take are questions being addressed by Cytech Systems, a leading electronic component independent distributor, particularly its subsidiary CHCHIP, which focuses on promoting domestic chips and modules. The company revealed various dimensions of its "change-seeking" message while participating in the  electronica South China 2023. 


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Intensifying Competition Prompts Distributors to Explore Specialization and Digitization in Services


Currently, the global electronic component distribution industry exhibits a trend of concentration, particularly evident in the international market. International distributors, leveraging advantages such as financial strength and authorized resources, dominate the industry. Concurrently, as the electronic information industry experiences continuous increases in technological complexity and specialization requirements, distributors are contemplating a shift towards specialized value-added distribution.


Image: Alice, CEO of Cytech Systems


Alice, CEO of Cytech Systems, believes that the exploration of specialized value-added distribution needs to be aligned with one's own accumulation. For Cytech Systems, this involves leveraging decades of industry experience and supplier network accumulation to effectively drive innovation and development in the supply chain industry.

Cytech Systems currently provides a one-stop service from procurement and inventory management to logistics, helping customers save time and costs. Through precise forecasting and real-time inventory management, the company aids customers and suppliers in improving inventory turnover efficiency, achieving a win-win situation for all parties involved, and creating greater value.

Furthermore, against the backdrop of the advancing digital economy in recent years, the deep integration of digital technology with various application scenarios has gradually become a crucial technological driver for economic innovation and development. Accelerating digital transformation, such as the establishment of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS), and further upgrading the company's intelligent warehousing and IT platform systems, is one of Cytech Systems' "new infrastructure" initiatives to solidify its own capabilities.

Global Operational Capabilities Demand Enhancement; Local Distributors Need to Strengthen Overseas Presence


Since its inception, Cytech Systems has adhered to a dual-market strategy targeting both domestic and international markets. The company now plans to establish offices in multiple countries and regions globally to be closer to local customers, providing comprehensive services and support. This strategic move aims to further enhance global operational and service capabilities. Through global expansion, Cytech Systems seeks to increase the penetration of its products in both domestic and international markets, realizing the globalization of its business.

As the demographic dividend gradually diminishes in China and international trade tensions escalate, countries such as India and Vietnam are emerging as new choices for the global electronic information manufacturing industry. This deepens the globalization of manufacturing division and poses higher demands on the global operational capabilities of electronic component distributors. Most local distributors face the dilemma of "going global." Strengthening overseas presence and simultaneously maintaining high supply chain integration capabilities and providing quality logistics services domestically and internationally have become crucial for enhancing their industry chain status.

Strong Domestic Demand for Original Manufacturer Promotion and Local Brand Representation as a Breakthrough in Business Expansion
Empowering Business Expansion: Acting as Agents for Domestic Chip Manufacturers

As a key technology in the electronic information industry, integrated circuits have been a focal point of development in China's electronic information industry. Various policy support documents released by the government further emphasize the crucial role of the electronic components industry in China's economic development.

After years of substantial investment and technological accumulation, China's high-end electronic components industry is beginning to yield tangible results. Consequently, as domestic manufacturers continue to advance their technical prowess and production capacity, there is a pressing need for local distributors to provide targeted promotion services. Cytech Systems' subsidiary, CHCHIP, has emerged as a dedicated force in promoting domestic chips and modules.

CHCHIP's rapidly expanding agency lineup now encompasses a multitude of domestic brands, including Silan, AIPU ELECTRON, Neoway, Lorentech, Bicai, Bielcrystal, Ruichips, Sainengwei, INMARK ELECTRONICS, and Qinheng Microelectronics.

Throughout various joint exhibitions this year, CHCHIP showcased an array of products from companies such as AIPU ELECTRON in Guangzhou, Qinheng Microelectronics in Nanjing, and Bicai in Ningbo. These products attracted significant attention, particularly in the burgeoning sectors of new energy and industry—areas of paramount interest for Cytech Systems and CHCHIP.

With continuous breakthroughs in hard technology, China has solidified its position as a global leader in fields like new energy vehicles, energy storage, and photovoltaics. Actively expanding overseas to capitalize on this momentum is a shared expectation across the industry chain, presenting an opportune moment for various domestic distributors, including Cytech Systems.



Image: CHCHIP showcasing a series of domestically represented products at the exhibition booth

Seizing these opportunities and translating them into tools for business expansion necessitates specific strategies. This may involve continually enriching domestic agency lineups and providing customized solutions for a broader range of customers in the new energy and industrial sectors while enhancing customer loyalty. Indeed, this forms a pivotal aspect of CHCHIP's forthcoming strategic plans.

About Cytech Systems


Cytech Systems Limited, with the motto "Excellent Distribution, Connecting More", is a leading independent distributor of electronic components in Asia. Based in China, we have a global presence and are committed to providing customers with immediate, reliable, and high-value supply chain solutions.

Founded  by  industry  veterans  in  electronic  information  technology  and  supply  chain  distribution,  our  team  brings  decades of experience in the electronics industry chain. We have swiftly established a network of thousands of globally certified suppliers, positioning us as a reliable source of high-quality goods. With  a  focus  on  diversifying  our  sourcing  services,  we  offer  IPO  sourcing,  PPV  services,  shortage  material  support,  obsolete parts, and excess inventory solutions. This allows us to provide personalized, agile, and high-quality supply chain solutions to customers in over 50 countries, including leading companies among the Fortune 500. We aim to help our customers optimize costs, improve efficiency, and achieve mutual growth and win-win outcomes.

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