Cytech Systems Lab:What is External Visual Inspection?

April 17, 2024

With the continuous development of the semiconductor industry, chip structures are becoming more and more complex. As an important component of electronic products, the quality of chips directly affects the performance of the entire product.

As the most important first step in component authenticity testing, let us review what does External Visual Inspection include?

1. Specification testing

Are the typing, year, and country of origin specifications and dimensions of the chip consistent with the instructions?

2. Package inspection

Scratches, stains, damage, coating and polishing, etc.

3. Printing inspection

Typos, offsets, missing prints, multiple prints, blur, tilt, displacement, hyphenation, double-layer printing, no font, etc.

4. Pin detection

Missing pins, damaged pins, pin spacing, pin width, pin coplanarity, pin tilt, pin oxidation, etc.

Not long ago, Cytech Systems Lab received a batch of materials: NT5CC256M16ER-EK. We conduct rigorous External Visual Inspection on it.

Firstly, there is an obvious coating on the side of the product, and the substrate has been covered by the coating without delamination. Comparing the appearance parameters of the qualified sample, we found that the substrate of the qualified sample has obvious layers.

screenshot-20240522-172202.png screenshot-20240522-172215.png

Cytech Systems Lab

Secondly, there are obvious regular scratches on the surface of the material, which can prove that it is reprinted productions. Flux residue is also clearly visible on the surface of the substrate, so this batch of materials meets the characteristics of refurbished materials.

screenshot-20240416-145944.png screenshot-20240416-145957.png

Cytech Systems Lab

In addition, PIN1 has an obviously missing part, and there is dirt and solder residue attached to the surface.

screenshot-20240416-150007.png screenshot-20240416-150020.png

Cytech Systems Lab

We further observed that parts of the body of the material were missing, and there were also many chipped edges on the sides and substrate.

screenshot-20240416-150037.png screenshot-20240416-150048.png

Cytech Systems Lab

Through the above appearance inspection, we determined that this batch of materials is refurbished goods that have been reprinted and re-underfill, and will be returned!

In short, External Visual Inspection is an important step to ensure the quality and reliability of electronic components.

During the testing process, experienced testing personnel are required to follow operating procedures and standards and use professional testing equipment to obtain accurate and error-free testing results. This is also the “soft power” that Cytech Systems has been practicing and developing.

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