【Industry News】SK Hynix: Investing $1 billion In Advanced Packaging To Enhance Leadership In HBM Market

March 24, 2024

SK Hynix Inc., a major player in memory technology, is ramping up its investment in cutting-edge chip packaging. This strategic move aims to capture a greater portion of the expanding demand for high-bandwidth memory (HBM), a crucial component in artificial intelligence development.

According to Bloomberg’s report,SK Hynix is injecting over $1 billion into Korea to enhance and expand the final stages of its chip production process.

Early this year,the company said it has sold out its entire 2024 production of HBM.“With excellent products in hand, it’s a matter of speed. Our planned production volume of HBM this year has already sold out. Although 2024 has just begun, we’ve already started preparing for 2025 to stay ahead of the market.” SK Hynix’s Vice President Kitae Kim said in an interview posted on SK Hynix's website.

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