“Pressing ahead with Passion, Setting Sail with Strength: 2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems Limited” successfully concludes!

January 17, 2023

Bid farewell to the Year of the Tiger, usher in the Year of the Rabbit. Saying goodbye to 2022, we will greet a brand-new 2023. On January 12, 2023, Cytech Systems (the Company for short) successfully organized its annual conference of 2023 themed on “Pressing ahead with Passion, Setting Sail with Strength” at Hyatt Regency Shenzhen Yantian, where all Cytech Systems people came together to celebrate the ceremony!


2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems

Part1: Looking back on 2022, looking ahead to 2023
First, General Manager of Cytech Systems Alice delivered the New Year Speech, in which Alice summed up the Company’s achievements in 2022 and released the Company’s plan of 2023. “In 2023, the Company will not decrease its investment amid reduction of gross profits, net profits, and orders, but stress long-termism, step up efforts in construction of ‘New Infrastructure’ systems (e.g., talent, brand, QC, IT system), and keep sharpening the Company’s competitiveness!”, Alice said clearly at the conference.

“Professionalism, long-termism, and opportunism underlie the survival of Cytech Systems. We need to persevere in long-termism, excel in seizing opportunities, and give full play to the Company’s professionalism, in order to provide customers with values, build trust with customers, and help them reduce risks,” added Alice.


General Manager of Cytech Systems Alice delivers speech at the annual conference

Part2:Commend the excellent at the awarding ceremony
In 2022, the semiconductor industry, under the influence of the global economy, saw decline of end demands. Amid continuous market slump, structured short supply, and impact by the post-pandemic era, the Company was faced with huge challenges. Despite this, there emerged a lot of excellent employees and cadres at Cytech Systems, who assisted the Company in overcoming difficulties and making innovations and achievements. The Company organized a grand commendation and awarding ceremony for this lot of excellent Cytech Systems people.

Prizes at the awarding ceremony mainly include: Team of the King, Never Say Die, Worry-free Support, Pioneering Star, Shining New Star, and Breakthrough Star. Thanks for all prize winners, and all of us are bound to make breakthroughs and innovations on the new journey in the New Year.



Pictures of the awarding ceremony at the 2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems

Part3:Wonderful moments
All attendees dressed up for the annual conference, so the entire conference site resembled a sea of red color full of passion and joy. Executive ladies made full preparations: they not only booked imposing sea view room, impressive check-in procedure, and creative New Year VCR for all attendees, but devised the entire annual conference perfectly. So nice!


Pictures of the grand 2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems

Amazing show is indispensable part of a grand event. Executive ladies prepared wonderful programs, including Passionate Cytech Systems (dance), Electric New Year (dance), Ordinary Friend (solo), Letting go (solo), Who playacts the most (short sketch), and Happy 2023(dance), etc. All these programs were meticulously prepared by Cytech Systems people, and they brought all attendees warm and unforgettable memories!


Pictures of the show for 2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems

The annual conference ignited repeated waves of applause and cheer, and the Company devised the Lucky Draw for employees, with draw prizes including: Apple Watch S8, GIMI Projector, Switch, memorial gold piece, and double ticket hotel package for Universal Beijing Resort, etc. The top prize is 256G iphone14 Plus! What a surprise! Congratulations again to all prize winners at the annual conference, those who fail to win prize also have more chances ahead! Wish all Cytech Systems people more blessings and best luck in 2023.


Pictures of the lucky draw at the 2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems

Part4:Group photo at the annual conference shows the strength
The grand 2023 Annual Conference of Cytech Systems came to an end amid cheers and laughter, and it concluded in a pleasant, ardent, and cozy atmosphere. Pains will be rewarded. Thanks for all people who made efforts for the undertaking, and thanks for every Cytech Systems people!

2022 is the year for Cytech Systems to deepen its reform, innovation, and development, and also the year for Cytech Systems to overcome difficulties with strong willpower. 2023 will be the year for Cytech Systems to set sail for stronger strength and higher goal, and also the year for Cytech Systems to develop in full swing and ride on the crest of success. Let’s work and pull together for the “Chip” future in 2023.

创实技术(Cytech Systems)全体员工合影.png

Group photo of all employees of Cytech Systems

Lastly, Cytech Systems wish all of you happy New Year, good health, every success, and great prospect in the Year of the Rabbit!

New Year VCR of Cytech Systems for 2023

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