Franchise Lines

Cytech Systems is dedicated to offering high-quality, diverse selection of electronic components. We take pride in providing a series of high-quality franchise products, covering active components, power devices, power modules, and more. Explore our franchise lines now and contact our team for more information!

Product Line Brand
Active Components 有方科技 沁恒 辉芒微 先楫 荣湃 奉加 兆讯恒达 开阳 集澈 治精微 沐曦 瑞萨
Power Devices 洛伦兹 爱浦电子 沃芯
Power Modules 锐骏 士兰微 云潼科技 至信微 仁懋 陆芯 芯长征 瑞能 美普森 安海
Other Components 碧彩 丰明 亿曼丰 万裕科技 伯恩 健博通 必易微 伯恩斯