The Memory Market Continues Upward Trend! Here's The Lead Times and Price Trends for Key Components in 2024Q1

March 11, 2024

Amid weak market demand and ongoing industry adjustments, most chip markets continue to face pressure. It's worth noting that the memory market is showing a sustained upward trend recently.

At the end of February, Japanese media reported that Kioxia, the world's second-largest flash memory chip manufacturer, has ended its output cuts implemented since 2022 and will increase flash memory production. 

This suggests a warming trend in the memory market, with major memory manufacturers' production cuts likely coming to an end. Coupled with improved profitability for manufacturers and strong intentions for price hikes, market research firm TrendForce expects average contract prices for DRAM and NAND Flash to rise by over 20% in Q1 of this year.

These trends in the memory market are also reflected in the latest market report from global electronic component distributor Future Electronics Inc. The report data indicates that overall lead times and prices for memory components in 2024Q1 are on the rise. Additionally, some passive and analog components are showing signs of recovery or remaining stable, while discrete components and high end chips continue to face downward pressure from the previous quarter. Specific data on lead times and price trends for the five major categories of chips are shown in the following figure:






Data sources are from Future Electronics Inc.

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